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Conky The Magic Kangaroo 

You have landed in Conky country “Australia”. Conky the Magic Kangaroo is a very Australian story about a giant red kangaroo named Conky who has magical super powers and who can even talk with humans. Conky is a story of adventure, humour, courage and friendship. In truth, the story will never ever really end as long as there are children with hungry imaginations and native animals still living in the bush.

There are seven books in the Conky series, so get bouncing and have a look in his store to purchase authentic signed copies direct from the author Ken Holman.

Multi published award winning author. The Conky books have been placed in the heritage section of the Western Australian State library.

Conky The Magic Kangaroo - Book 1

Conky The Magic Kangaroo - Book 1

Entire Conky Collection!

Entire Conky Collection!

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"Our son Joshua is 11 years young and doesn't enjoy reading much. You told my husband that my son will definitely enjoy the book and if he didn't you would provide a refund... Well my son loved both Book 1 and 2 so we decided to purchase the whole series. I will start reading them as well!"

Mrs N Vanden Bergh (Yokin)

"I absolutely loved your Conky the Magic Kangaroo series. So much, it inspired me for a school writing lesson where we had to write a narrative. I would love to read the 7th book - My Nanna got me 6 books from the Balingup Small Farm Field Day. I hope Mum gets the new one soon!"

Pheobe Mottram (Age 9 - Manjimup)

"I just wanted to let you know that your books about Conky are so captivating that I have been reading the first one, over Skype, to my grandchildren in California. They LOVE the story! What is really remarkable to me is that your stories are carried almost completely by the text (unlike most books for children, which are heavy on the illustrations), and the story is so compelling that it has three children tanging from three, five and seven years all equally attentive and interested"

Leanne Reinhold